Restrictive, Repetitive Behaviours, Electronics and Skittles

For many years, our focus with Tyson has been increasing his communication by any and all means possible.  Generally, I have not given a whole lot of thought to Tyson’s repetitive behaviours as they are very much a part of Tyson’s being. They are part of what makes him the boy we adore and striveContinue reading “Restrictive, Repetitive Behaviours, Electronics and Skittles”

Tyson & the ER

When Tyson was very little, while walking up the stairs, he slipped and split open his chin and required stitches. That event, before Tyson turned two, shaped all future visits to the Janeway Children’s Hospital emergency department. In my mind, I can still picture him wrapped in a white sheet from the neck down asContinue reading “Tyson & the ER”

Christmas, the COVID-19 Vaccine & Autism

The week leading up to Christmas Day is my favourite time in the entire year. Yes, it’s hectic with the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and cleaning but the excitement in a house when children are waiting for Santa is magical. We started our Christmas week in a very unusual way this year but it was trulyContinue reading “Christmas, the COVID-19 Vaccine & Autism”